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Be part of the Regenerative Agriculture movement. Holistic management is changing the way we think of agriculture today. Supporting small farms and families makes a huge difference, and it's the difference you can taste!


Tehachapi CSA is NOT a single-farm CSA but a multi-farm, all-inclusive effort with other like-minded farms and ranches to add another 'drop in the bucket' to help provide wholesome, sustainable food and product. It was started by Farmers FOR Farmers. 

As an extended "soft launch" with slow and steady growth, the CSA program will grow at a slow rate instead of a grand affair. Any local farms practicing 'sustainable" agriculture practices are eligible to apply (see the For Farmers page). No cut or fees are taken out of what the farmer themselves takes home, making this a win for everyone!

To learn more, view the About page. Thank you for supporting the small farms we work with! 


We are currently set-up as a 'choose your own' or 'free choice' CSA. Our model let's you shop your local region with two ways to order product:


-Build a Box:  Select what's listed on the website prior to your local delivery date of in-stock items to build your own box. Just like going to your local farmers market but your selections will be gathered and delivered right to your door during our set delivery schedule.

-Subscription: Choose the plan that fits your needs (seasonal)

How to receive your box:

-Delivery to your business or residence, see our available locations.


-Pick-up at Drop-off point; For areas further out from our delivery route to make it more convenient for you to receive your items.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

A Barred Rock rooster surveys his domain at Mullenax Ranch
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