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Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)'s come in many forms, however the basic concept is the same; ordering farm direct and supporting your local small producers.

For founders Ernie and Alex Mullenax, their values lie with Regenerative Agriculture through Holistic Management and Sustainable practices. They are also the owners of Mullenax Ranch and California Goat Yoga and agriculture is the lifeblood of their passion.


Having ranched for a number of years now, they are active in the statewide agricultural community and professional organizations sharing agriculture with the public. The more they learned, they more they wanted to 'do better' for the land and environment which led them to 'regenerative agriculture.'


Regenerative farming and ranching principles rely on making choices which connect and take into account what's best for the land and environment coupled with farming goals. When we take care of the land, it takes care of us. Regenerative practices help heal and improve the land through farming.

Something the 'farm life' has taught the couple is slow and steady wins the race. As you check back on this website, you'll see more farms slowly being added. Yes - anyone can apply they simply need to be a local farm producing goods legal for sale to the public, and practice 'sustainable' agriculture practices in some way to align with the mission of Tehachapi CSA.

Local producers sharing similar farming values or practices will be added seasonally as their product is available. 

Please join our e-mail list to receive updates as this site and its offerings slowly grow and 'blossom'.

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